Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve answered some frequently asked questions below, but if you’re still experiencing doubts, feel free to contact us

All North American EVs use the same charger port (SAE J1772) except for Tesla. All Teslas come standard with an adapter to connect to SAE J1772 chargers.

All Teslas include a Level 1 Mobile Connector that is capable of Level 2 charging with the use of an adapter for a NEMA 14-50 outlet. This option can be used to plug in anywhere with a NEMA 14-50 outlet.

The more permanent option is to use a hardwired system, a Tesla Wall Connector. This option charges slightly faster and is more visually appealing.

Yes, we will advise you on what rebates are available to you.

The average single family home installation ranges from $800 to $1,500. The charger itself costs on average $600 and is not included in the installation cost.

Pricing for condos, townhomes, and apartments varies significantly- Please fill out the information form to get started with a free quote.

Other factors also influence price:

  • Upgrades to the electrical panel
  • Desired location of the charger
  • Cost of the installation
  • Length of the charging cord
  • Type of charger you have or want
  • Permitting and inspections (if upgrades to the electrical panel need to be made)
  • Timeline for job completion

With a plug-in electric vehicle charging station, a certified electrician installs a 240 volt outlet near the electric vehicle. The charger plugs directly into the outlet and is more portable.

With a hardwired system, a certified electrician installs a dedicated 60-80 AMP line from the main breaker to the preferred EV charging location. The EV charger is mounted on the wall and connected to the main line in the wall.


First, survey other people in your apartment building who already have electric vehicles (EVs). They may be interested in sharing a level 2 charger in the garage. Additionally, garnering signatures from your neighbors is a good way to show your landlord that you and your fellow residents have interest in a charging station.

We are happy to contact your landlord directly and walk them through the easy process to get chargers installed in apartment buildings. EV chargers add value to the property, so many times, landlords are amenable to this improvement.

On average, six hours. However, more complex installations can take more time. Please submit an official inquiry to find out how much time your custom installation will take.

5 Star Guarantee.

WheelPower guarantees you immaculate services from inquiry, to installation all the way through to customer services. We promise fast and affordable installation right at home or at commercial properties, that way you can keep your battery at full charge!